We discuss the winter Olympics, WirelessPhreaks new whip, Behrs lucid dreams, and The GOMS life changing experience with the Oculis rift, and porn.

Its been a while since our last podcast so here are a couple links to the always evolving NBD Show music playlist.This playlist is a collaboration of \music picked by the NBD Show hosts.  It is pretty much the same list, just hosted on two different services Apple music and Spotify.


We discuss the iPhone X first impressions and quick discusion. We also talk about phone cases. Behr re enacts the entire movie Pearl Harbor, and we highlight the best Bruce Willis movies. iPhoneXWalkingDeadBadMoviesTheNBDShow

This podcast starts out serious, but quickly descends into an Oreo powered spectacle. We discuss Trump and the NFL/North Korea madness. We taste test unique flavored Oreos so you don't have to, and discuss who is getting the iPhone 10.

Shout out to our newest super fan. The shook gives us a medical update, and the usual discussion topics.

The Single Barrel Podcast starts off as sophisticated Whiskey tasting and goes down hill from there.

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Shook takes it to the next level with some sweet drone footage. We talk about Social Media downers, and the amazing world of Disk Golfing.