We discuss the movie Solo, and the messy timeline. Then we talk about random topics including RedRock and Austin music festivals.

The guys discuss Vestigial Tails pros and cons, Ready Player Run, and Joey Exotics run for the White House.

This podcast goes off the rails a little bit. We solve the mystery of Bigfoot, Nuclear War, and Wold Hunger. No Big Deal!!!

We get real about gun control, then screw off the rest of the podcast. Shout out to our number one fans @Paradiseneverlo on twitter and Medicine Man.

We discuss the winter Olympics, WirelessPhreaks new whip, Behrs lucid dreams, and The GOMS life changing experience with the Oculis rift, and porn.

Its been a while since our last podcast so here are a couple links to the always evolving NBD Show music playlist.This playlist is a collaboration of \music picked by the NBD Show hosts.  It is pretty much the same list, just hosted on two different services Apple music and Spotify.