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We discover some NBD pretenders and call them out. We talk about waxing B-Holes, and how we would want to Die among other things.

Guys talk about the proposition to get rid of Daylight Savings Time. Shook goes strait country talking about new California gun laws. Finally we have a pumpkin spice tasting.

For all you die hard NBD fans (all three of you) we've shown some love for our YouTube channel.  We have added our entire back catalog of podcasts offering another way to enjoy the sweet sound that is The NBD Show. We also created three new YouTube playlists for our audio podcasts, video podcasts,  and vlogs,

The NBD Show audio playlist
The NBD Show video playlist
The NBD Show vlog playlist

So just click on the playlists and listen or watch all of our podcasts in chronological goodness.

The guys get a little serious but not for long.

We discuss the movie Solo, and the messy timeline. Then we talk about random topics including RedRock and Austin music festivals.