We discuss the Google outage, apples new announcements, and Behr discusses his AC plan for summer. Also be the first listener to email us a topic and win an NBD prize pack. Go to the contact page on our website TheNBDShow.com to email us.
We discuss Deputy Gaylords new patrol in the virtual world.  Defcon and star wars land trips Wirelessphreak has coming up.
We discuss Disneyland changes, and club 33. We also talk about the new Apple announcements.

We discuss DNA testing and the ShookKnights future illness, taste test Dominoes Pizza, and if a guys can say another guys Hot.

Thanks to a request from my niece we are on Spotify now!

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We discover some NBD pretenders and call them out. We talk about waxing B-Holes, and how we would want to Die among other things.